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IT Infrastructure & Maintenance Services

Mordenise your premise with Always-On business set-up paradigm

Concept behind IT-Infrastructure

For most enterprises Information Technology is a critical enabler of business performance impacting every element of the business value chain. Our team provides Best IT support for IT companies and Colleges/Schools. All our team members are working in IT companies and highly experienced, we are providing solutions from last 3 years.

This means that the availability and performance of the IT Infrastructure are the key metrics that drive operational efficiencies and effectiveness. In addition, the infrastructure architecture has to be flexible and adaptive to able to rapidly integrate emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics and align to evolving business demands and opportunities. Finally, the expectation from the business is that all of this is achieved with continually decreasing cost-to-serve. In order that internal IT resources can be deployed for high business value tasks our suite of Information Technology Infrastructure Services (ITIS) services can manage your BAU IT infrastructure operations seamlessly across India at a predictable monthly cost with round the clock support and high availability Many of reputed IT companies/colleges/schools/Institutions of Tri city are our client. We provide Software, Hardware of IT, as well as we also provide Guest lectures and seminars on new IT technology and Computer Networks to students or faculty members. software/equipment suppliers, including application service providers (APSs); We provide technical support in both the public and private sector, including: IT maintenance companies, call centres, retailing chains, financial institutions education (schools, colleges, universities).

Various Implementation Models

IT is backbone of any business. We deliver our IT infrastructure services in mainly three different methods to cater different types of business requirements.

• Residential IT Infrastructure Management

We will have an expert engineer at customer location to provide a higher SLA services. The resident Engineer will be assisted with a remote team to resolve higher level tasks. The delivery will be assisted with cloud hosted issue tracking system, cloud based monitoring system along with cloud based inventory management tools. A Backup Engineer and an account manager will be available to provide seamless service delivery.

• Visit based IT Infrastructure Management

For small and medium business, it is difficult to afford and engage a residential engineer for their systems and network administration activities. We have tailored visit based service to cater this segments requirement. Here an expert Engineer will visit the site either weekly once or twice to make sure customer network, systems and applications are in reliable state to support their business. In addition to these mandatory visits, we provide visits based on issues and on-demand requirements.

• Remote IT Infrastructure Management

A Team of network and server administrators will take care of your network, application and server support requirements. The delivery is assisted with cloud based issue tracking system, monitoring and management tools. We provide remote server management and application management 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

What our service includes?

At Infinium, we're available always to provide you effective and efficient IT services which give the highest numbers in your satisfactory level. Hence, we cover almost all aspects of IT modules which helps developing a better and robust IT set-up across your organization. Below are some points which include in our IT-Infrastructure services.

  • Server maintenance.
  • Networking.
  • Windows system administration.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Firewall security.
  • Off line/site backup.
  • Wireless network design.
  • Windows System Administration.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Firewall Security.

Along with the services listed above, we also provide some service Add-Ons which are, in-fact necessory to keep the organization running up-to date.

  • General IT support.
  • Onsite IT support.
  • Remote IT support.
  • Computer repair/maintanance support.